Tuesday, May 5, 2009

H.O.T. coupon from Oprah

Dead deal!

Well, at first I was fairly surprised to see Oprah working in conjunction with KFC, but then I realized it was for the grilled chicken...

Free 2pc Grilled Chicken Meal from Kentucky Fried Chicken coupon. This coupon link is available only till tomorrow night at 9pm, so get it while it's hot. This is a bricks coupon, so you can print out two. Then go back to the site and click print again - the info on Oprah's site says limited to 4 downloads per person. So - hey - a family of four can have dinner on KFC and Oprah.

Dinner includes 2 pieces of chicken, 2 sides and a biscuit. The chicken is the manager's special, so it might be drumsticks and thighs, but hey - it's free, eh? I actually tried a piece of this the other week when they were giving out one piece free. It's pretty tasty!

It's for participating locations - so check to see if yours is participating. I called the Three Rivers location and they are!

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