Thursday, May 7, 2009

Coupon Chief

Here's a great money saving resource for online shopping! -

I checked out the CouponChief website to see how it worked and I was pretty impressed. Basically, the website is a collaboration of online savings codes - digital "coupons" if you will. Retailers advertise promo savings codes that you can enter when you are checking out and those codes give you certain savings, like free shipping, 30% off, etc... I've used these codes a lot to get either free or very discounted prices on items in the past. Just a couple of weeks ago I got 2 really cute purses/bags from a retailer for 8 bucks -using the online promo code they emailed me because I was on their newsletter. Great for gift-giving!

Well, CouponChief is nice because there are a ton of those codes all in one spot - so even if I don't get that store's emails I can still search through CouponChief and look to see if any savings codes are posted! Very nice. I like one stop coupon shopping.

It's pretty simple how it works. If you have an online purchase that you need to make - stop by CouponChief first and do a search to see if there are any codes available for that store. If there are - you just copy and paste it in to your check out cart. I watched the CouponChief tutorial in their "How it Works" section and it's pretty thorough and very simple to use. <--I like simple! It looks like it might be a relatively new website, but I already saw lots of digital coupons for stores like, Target, Bestbuy, Macy's, Joann Fabrics, JC Penney, Barnes&Nobles - just to name a few. They also have a program where you can sign up to add any codes that you might get wind of. If someone browsing through CouponChief uses your code - you get a 2% commission deposited in your Paypal account. Not bad. I might sign up for that feature - if I ever get to the point where I'm getting codes in my inbox! I did sign up to get the newsletter that will alert me of any new digital coupons coming out.

Kinda cool to branch out to digital coupons. No clipping! This isn't a resource for grocery coupons, but if you do a lot of online shopping - CouponChief would be a great resource. I can certainly see it being a HUGE help during the holiday shopping season or on Cyber Monday (Monday after Black Friday after Thanksgiving!) - that's when I do most of my online shopping - but if any great deals come down the old cyber pike, I would check out to see if there's CouponChief has a digital coupon to make it an even sweeter deal!

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