Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Waggin' this week...4/29

Walgreens is still going strong with their RR's. They've gotten rid of the EasySaver Catalog, which makes me a little sad. But it had gotten to the point where their IVCs and rebates were for stuff that were totally random and not exactly what we needed, so I don't think I'll miss it too much - I do love the RRs though. And I have one last rebate of 5.50 coming to my gift long EasySaver, I bid you farewell.

I went first thing to Wags on Sunday morning (before church!), because I wanted to get some of the FREE after RR Nivea body wash that I had coupons for. I don't normally go on Sundays, but it worked out to be a good time to take a quick jaunt. I was going to do some effective rolling of my Skintimate and Chapstick RRs. Also - there is a REALLY sweet deal for Hallmark wrapping paper this week going on at Wags. It's those squares of 2 sheets of wrapping paper - for .39! Regularly priced 2.29, and they are NICE too. I used these for my fillers to make the coupon:item ratio work out.
T1: 1 Nivea Body Wash
1 Glad ClingWrap
Used: 1.00 Nivea MQ
IVC in Wags ad for Cling Wrap
1 3.00 RR
OOP: 3.40
Saved: 7.00
RR: $5.00 for Nivea
T2: 1 Nivea Body Wash
2 Nivea Men's After Shave cooling balm - clearanced to 1.59!!! I was TOTALLY STOKED about these because I had 1.00 Q's for any Nivea product. Regular price 6.99 - I got them for .59! I only had 2 of my Nivea Qs and there were 3 aftershaves there, so I discreetly pushed the last one behind some other stuff. Aren't I naughty?
2 Hallmark Wrapping Papers
Used: 3 1.00 Nivea Q's
IVC from Wags ad for wrapping paper
1 - 2.00 RR
1 - 3.00 RR
OOP: 1.90
Saved: 19.40
RR: $5.00 from Nivea
Then, Monday night Annie & I went to check out the scene and hopefully still find my last Aftershave. Did 2 transactions here as well:
T1: 1 Nivea body Wash
1 Nivea AfterShave
2 Wrapping papers
2 bags of M&M's
Used: 2 - 1.00 Nivea MQs
IVC from Wags ad for wrapping paper
2 - 2.00 RR (from chapstick & scrunchi deals!)
Total was 2.80 - used 1.72 remaining from GC
OOP - 1.08
Savings - 12.70
I was chattin' up with the cashier (one of my favs!) after my purchase, because one of my struggles with Wags is the fact that they won't adjust coupons down. Or most of the cashiers won't. I haven't asked much because I did one time at the Sturgis Wags and they looked at me like I had two heads or something, so I had been keeping my mouth shut and if it was a good deal, I'd just buy one more item of the thing to get the coupons so they wouldn't beep. Well, this whole month Kid's Essential Boost Shakes are on MegaSaver sale for 4.99! Normally priced at 13.89! Whoa. I also found a $5.00 coupon here if you register with them. Can print out two. Being priced at 4.99, though I was figuring I couldn't use the two coupons and just get two free - because the registers won't give you even .02 worth of overage. And I wasn't really up for buying 3, even though that would be a good deal too. 3/4.96. I haven't tried these yet and don't know if the girls will like them, etc...but I'd try them for free, KWIM?
So - I asked him - "Is there a way on the registers that you can adjust a coupon down? Say, if I had a 2.00 coupon for an item that is 1.99?"
He said that he always just adjusts the item price UP to meet the coupon. I have NEVER read of anybody doing this, but I think it's genius! So I looked at him and said, "Uh - I'll be right back." (he laughed)
Got my 2 packages of Essentials shakes - OOP - ZERO! Savings of 10.00. I like it.
(I should also mention in the box of the shakes, there is a 5.00/2 coupon - so that would be like 2.49 each - which if the girls like them, might be a good deal. We'll see!)

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