Thursday, August 5, 2010


Well, I get the bad blogger award. And randomly, today, I felt like blogging. Who knew?

Well, lots has happened since May 6th. Although, not particularly in the couponing world. Looking back to last summer, I can see that I definitely have the tendency to slack in the summer. Even though we are still within our budget (I haven't increased it any) I don't record my receipts and I am not as frugal as I should/can be. It's generally about this time in August, when I start feeling guilty and hie up the reins, bring back the old resolve to do better and get my b*tt in couponing gear.

On a happy note, though - I have body wash to last me for a year. :)

And one big thing that happened for us this summer, that sort of applies to couponing - in the sense that couponing is trying to make your finances work and being smart about your money/finances - is that we paid off our truck. Woo-hoo! 3 months early and now we own both our vehicles free and clear. Yay! That's a good feeling. And we did our entire vacation is cash. Double Woo-hoo!

It's little things, isn't it?

As far as bargains so far, the only thing I'm really down on is that there are really cheap Huggies wipies at Walgreens -->see here and even that, I missed the 15% discount. Boo.

and there is a Super Saturday Sale at Meijer -->see here, where I am going to stock up on toilet paper. The Kelloggs deal interests me, but I don't think I can collect that many coupons and I'm finding out that our family doesn't eat the sandwich crackers or cereal all that well. Although, we probably could for a $5 moneymaker.

All I need is one fantastic freebie deal to get me hooked again!

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