Monday, May 3, 2010

Nivea Coupons

In case you hadn't *heard* there was an H-O-T Nivea Body Wash coupon in the papers yesterday! I didn't buy any papers, but I did order some from Dede. I ordered 8 of the $4/1 Women's Body Wash coupon and 8 of the $3/1 Men's Body Wash coupon. I do believe with the Tone, Dove and St. Ives collection I have that I will be set till next Spring!

I have read around the Coupon Blogosphere that at Rite Aid the Nivea Body wash is priced at $3.99 - which would make the Women's free and the Men's for $1.00.

Also, at Walgreens - there is a Register Reward going on for $15 in Nivea Products. You can read an excellent scenario here. She also posts that you can get it FREE at Target, if you live close to a Target.

I think I'll be getting my women's at Rite Aid and using the Men's coupons at Walgreens.

If you want in on this deal, you should start scoping the clipping sites or Ebay now, because I don't think the supplies will last very long!

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