Monday, April 19, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

It's the greenest Spring we've had in a long time, BY FAR! And I'm in the mood to declutter the house or be outside. Lots of the Mommy blogs have jumped on the Spring Cleaning de-cluttering bandwagon and now that all 4 of us are healthy again, I'm tackling a few projects of my own. Because we always participate in a neighborhood garage sale the second week of May, we are preparing items for that sale and making the house more easy to maintain <-- a must since I don't feel like being domestic at ALL these days!

Needless to say we've done lots of grilling and lots of random meals. I try to stick to the Menu Plan and I would say for at least 4 out of 7 meals I do. The rest of the time is either snacky meals, something else that looks good or, in the case of last Wednesday, when my daughter cranked up the heat to 89 degrees (unbeknownst to me BEFORE we left for the day and came home to a flippin' SAUNA) we went to the ice cream shoppe for dinner. (!)

So, here's what we'll attempt this week. For what it's worth, I'm totally digging avocadoes and strawberries right now. I could put down 7 meals of guacamole and be happy as a clam. My girls - not so much.

Mexican Night

Hamburgers, Mashed Potatoes & Corn

Steak & Salad


Chicken Enchiladas

Pulled Pork Sandwiches, veggies & chips


Lately Grace keeps asking me why we have to eat supper. She doesn't want to stop what she's doing to take time and eat it. What the heck am I breaking my brain over for then? Coupled with the fact that I read an article about how 3 square meals a day isn't really the best option for toddlers, rather small meals through the day and actually that does seem to be best for Annie, I've decided that I'm not going to stress out about making grand, elaborate meals every night. That can wait until they are old enough to appreciate good food. For the time being, unless I feel like baking, I'm KEEPING IT SIMPLE!

Check out TONS more menu plan ideas at Menu Plan Monday at!

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  1. Good for you. I really need to jump on the bandwagon also! You menu sound delicious this week. I love your motto. Have a great week and good luck with all your projects.