Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meijer Super Sale

You are going to want to check out Bargains To Bounty's post on the Super Sale coming up for Meijer this Friday and Saturday!

I wonder if Meijer *heard* all of us couponers talking about how slow of a week it was! *heehee*

As for me, I'm especially interested in...

Kraft Macaroni 5 packs - $2.49 (Part of the Buy 5, get $5.00 off)

Use the $1.00/1 Meijer Mealbox Printable and we're looking at .49 for 5 boxes and I'm hearing reports that there are peelies on these packages for FREE Capri-Sun Roaring Waters. I'm not as much interested in the Mac and Cheese (although I can donate that to the sitters or church) as I am in the cheap Capri Sun. I need to buy 5 of them to complete a $20 rebate from last year! Here's hopin! If I can find the peelies, I'll be getting five of these and five Capri-Suns for $2.45! Bwah-ha-ha!

I'm also interested in the Oscar Meyer Lunch Meat that will be .50 for a package!
AND the Nabisco Cookies. I still have one of the Buy 1 Gallon of milk and a Nabisco Cookies coupon, get a free Nabisco coupon left. And I have a FREE ANY Nabisco Cookie coupon, so here's my plan: (by the way, you can only do 2 of the Buy 5 get $5 off deals in one transaction - so you may need to do separate transactions!)

Along with the Kraft mac and cheese and Capri-Sun (I hope, I hope!) - I'm going to try this:
2 Oscar Mayer lunch meats - $2.00 each
3 Nabisco Cakester Fudge Cremes - $2.19 each
1 gallon of milk - $1.77

Total before coupons and discounts: $12.34

Get $5 off instantly at the Register - $7.34
Use - $1.00/2 Oscar Mayer IP
Use - Facebook Coupon Buy 1 Nabisco Cookie and gallon of milk, get one Nabisco Cookie free (should be worth $2.19<--this expires 4/23 TOMORROW if you still have yours!)
Use - FREE Nabisco Cookie Coupon from botched up Oreo giveaway - (sent in the mail) - (2.19)
Use - 1.00/1 ALL YOU (May) magazine Fudge Cremes cookie

We're looking at a grand total of .96 for all of the above!

Put together with my Kraft Macaroni and cheese and Capri-Sun and oh, it's mind boggling!
25 boxes of Mac and Cheese
5 Capri-Suns
3 packages of Nabisco Cookies
1 gallon of milk
2 packages of Shaved Lunch meat for a whopping:

$3.41 OOP and it seems like I'll be having a $3 OYNO coupon from something...

Yeah, this is going to be fun!!! Wish me luck!

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