Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Recap

Just to report in on March, I didn't hit as low as I expected when the month first started, but still kept within my goal of $200 - $250/month coming in at $227.01 OOP and saving $312.08 this month. Not my best, but not bad considering I purchased oh, 15 packages of Diapers/PullUps thanks to the awesome Huggies coupon and RR at Walgreens. And I'm always happy if I can double my money!

We're still trying to clear out our freezer and pantry a bit, we've got so much food stockpiled, and yet I struggle feeling like preparing/eating it! KWIM? But, I do want to clear some of it out to make room for the fresher foods that will be coming our way this summer due to Farmer's Markets & the garden. So, we'll keep plugging away at the old freezer food.

Doesn't summer weather just make you want to abandon the kitchen?? This is when I find it the hardest to be frugal, when the weather is nice! I just want to say, "Hang dinner, let's go get ice cream!" (But I don't...)

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