Monday, April 12, 2010

Biore Deal at Walgreens this Week

So, Walgreens TOTALLY ROCKED this weekend!
Last week I had ordered some of the Garnier Fructis $1/1 coupons and 8 of the Biore Buy One ANY SIZE Nose Strips and Get One ANY SIZE Cleanser free coupons in anticipation of the Biore Register Reward Deal this month. I have been on the lookout for stockup deals on skin care because I'm so cheap that I normally just wash my face with soap and water. Lately I've been thinking about when I once had Mary Kay's full line of face treatments and how pampered it made me feel to actually concentrate on my skin, but holy smokes I just can't do their (her?) prices. And no, I don't want to sell it to get it cheap.

I've been watching and this coupon + promotion sparked my eye.
For the month of April, Walgreens is running a buy 2 Biore products, get a $5 RR back. Bing! I can buy one product and get the other free, and have it prompt the $5 RR. Regularly priced at $7.49, that's a stock up price for me.

Even better is that this week they are priced at $5.99! Buy a strip and a cleanser, use the BOGO coupon and pay $5.99 (+tax OOP) and get a $5 RR in return. It's like paying .99 for 2! Total stock up price.

So, on Saturday I went in and was looking at the Garnier shampoo (the deal was to buy $20 worth, get a $10 RR back and the regular sized bottles were on sale $3/10). My plan was to buy 6 regular size bottles, use my 6 $1/1 coupons and pay $14 (+tax!) and get a $10 RR back. I found the family sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner on clearance from $6.99 to $3.29! So I was able to double my volume for an even cheaper price. Yay me.

I paid for 5 of those (all they had) + 1 regular - OOP was $15.30 (that includes tax) and I received a $10 RR. Then, I turned around and used that on 2 birthday cards I needed for the weekend, the Biore and had to buy a Reeses to get my OOP total high enough to cover the tax! I paid $1.82 for my second transaction and recieved a $5 RR! Loved it.
Then I proceeded to do 2 more transactions in which I only purchased the BOGO Biore. Paid OOP $5 and got back the $5 RR. In coupon world, that's FREE ya'll.
But, oh, then, on Sunday it got so much better! I had saved the 3 $5 RR from Saturday and since I couldn't find anything to effectively roll them into before they expired, I just decided I would go and get more Biore and use up the RR's. See, at Walgreen's USUALLY if you use the Register Reward from a promotion on the same promotion, you won't get another Register Reward back.
But yesterday was not a usual day. I bought 6 Biore yesterday (3 strips, 3 cleansers), used 3 BOGO coupons and my 3 $5RR (+some Dora and Barbie stickers!) and paid $7.50. I was expecting that to be the end of it and what to my wondering eyes should appear? Another $5 RR! My eyes just flew open!
So, of course I had to test it out again. Took another box of strips and another bottle of cleanser - used the BOGO and the $5 RR, paid $1.71 OOP and yes siree! Another $5 RR popped out. Rolled it one more time and then I had to call it quits because, well. They were out of strips! I was deee-lighted to see that RR roll, especially since I had read reports of the RR not printing out for some people at all and here it was rolling for me!
I have one more coupon that I'm going to try on my lunch break to see if it will roll again for me and then I'm out of coupons!

I'm such a geek, but I was totally stoked! Rolling RR's are usually fixed sometime soon after the Wags execs figure out there is a glitch in the system (but maybe they wanted this to happen? Who knows?) But even if it wasn't rolling, it is still a good deal in my book.
The pictures in this post include:
5 Family Size Fructis Shampoo
1 Regular Size Fructis Shampoo
2 Birthday Cards
2 Packs of Girlie Stickers
1 Reese's Cups
8 Biore Pore Strips
8 Biore Cleansers
Grand Total? $37.91!!!! <--most of this was the Garnier! I actually only spent $22 on Biore!
Savings? $152.97
Way better than Mary Kay's prices! Seriously, I'm so excited about this, you're lucky I'm not posting a picture of my pore-free nose.

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