Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kinda Blah this week

I haven't really had much going on this way, by way of deals from Meijers & Walgreens. I'm still waiting for there to be 3 bottles of Lubriderm at the Walgreens so I can get in on the $5 moneymaker, but that's about all I'm looking at right now. That's how couponing goes, it cycles. Peaks and valleys. Kroger Mega Event & Free Almay Mascara = Peak. This week = Valley!

Right now there are a lot of baking supply deals, but none that I've found that are totally outstanding enough to stockpile, for me, anyway. I did order a bunch of Folgers 1.00/1 coupons last week in hopes of a good coffee deal. Since I've NEVER seen a 1.00/1 Folgers coupon, I'm holding my breath in anticipation. Last year there was a fabulous promo at Meijers right around December, so I'm hoping for a good one again. If there is one, I'll buy 15 tins of coffee for Hubs to use in 2010.

I did join a stockpile challenge for the month of November, where you see how little you can spend on groceries, using coupons, RR's, rebates, sales, etc... My goal was to only spend $100.00 on groceries for the month. As of right now, I'm sitting at 56.07. I don't anticipate much more spending, other than our turkey. (I'm only in charge of cranberries & green bean casserole for the family Thanksgiving dinner - not expensive!) But we want to put a turkey in our smoker so we can have sandwich meat. Leftovers-Yummmm!

So, not such a great deal week for me this week, but that's perfectly okay s far as the challenge goes. Personally, I miss the high and the hunt during these quiet weeks, but that keeps the burn-out to a minimum, I guess.

Could I be anymore random today?

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