Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday

I was making supper last night and I actually thought these words "Works for me!" and so I decided I would post about my favorite kitchen appliance.

I was making bread crumbs in this:

As seen on T.V! I highly recommend putting this on your Christmas list (I've seen them on or investing in one, because The Magic Bullet is quite possibly one of the best kitchen gifts, I've ever received (with the exception of my Kitchen-Aid mixer). It seriously is awesome. We use it for everything, making bread crumbs out of Ritz crackers (a new fave!), grinding coffee beans, making smoothies, chopping olives, onions, making pesto sauce - you name that 'lil sucker can pulverize it.

Nope, nobody paid me to write this. I really do just love my Magic Bullet 'cuz it works for me!

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