Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Snuggle Fabric Softener

A while back, Snuggle put out a 3.00/1 Fabric Softener or Fabric Softener Sheets coupon. I ordered a bunch of them on-line, because I was fairly certain that this would translate into some near-free softener and Snuggle is the brand my hubs likes. (I can't smell really, so it makes zero difference to me!)

There's been some controversy over this coupon because the coupon states that it is $3.00/1 when you buy 32 LOAD or higher liquid softener or the 70 count or higher sheets. Well, a lot of places (Kmart & Dollar General) have the 60 oz bottle on sale for $3 (which would make them free) and I was very excited until I got to the store and read that the 60 oz bottle is only 24 loads and therefore, it would be coupon fraud to use the coupon on that particular item. I know there are a lot of people out there either not paying attention or not caring about the difference in the wording and getting a bunch of softener for free because the coupon goes through anyway. In my opinion, it doesn't matter if it goes through anyway - if you don't follow the directions on the coupon, that's wrong.
You can get free boxes of 70 count sheets at Family Dollar. They are regularly priced for $3/box. And that's just what I did yesterday. Got 4 boxes for .72! ( you do have to pay tax ) I hope they restock before the coupon expires (11/15)
Heads up, though - if you do have the coupon still - I've heard rumors that the correct size/load liquid bottles are on sale for $3.39 at Meijer this week - which would be .39 +tax for a bottle of fabric softener. That's a sweet deal, even if it's not free!

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