Saturday, October 3, 2009

September Review

I am pretty stoked. This has been "cheapest" month yet. I started tracking my monthly purchases/savings from Walgreens, Meijers & Krogers back in December of '08, with the goal of spending no more than 200 - 250/month on groceries, diapers & formula. This month:

Total spent: 162.31

Total saved: 177.75

Yet another month of doubling my money! Woohoo. I'm excited about that.

I was telling my family about this little victory, and my grandma asked me what I was doing with all my saved money. Which begs the next point I want to make.

When I tally up savings, I don't mean that I actually put those savings into a bank. I wish! When I say that I spent 162 and saved 177 this month, what I mean in essence, is that I was able to purchase for 162 what would have been 339 for anyone paying regular price and not using coupons. My brother - the financial analyst said that's something called "cost avoidance." To which, I replied - "Whatever!" I have no idea what that means, I just know I will have a hard time bringing myself to spend 339/month for groceries! Not when I've learned, and am used to paying 162! If I ever do spend 339/month again, it better be for 700$ worth of merchandise, eh?

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