Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rockin' Meijer this week and I passed my 1 year anniversary!

Some sweet matchups at Meijer this week was just what I needed. Last Thursday I had some sinus surgery (the ole' roto-rooter, I call it) but I ventured out today to do see what kind of deals I could score at Meijers (all in the name of recovery!) and I was not disappointed.

Recovery from the surgery actually will bring a double blessing, not only will I feel better, because let me tell you folks, my sinuses were FULL, completely blocked and I was having headaches everyday for probably the last month or so, and the days that I didn't have a headache, I felt bogged down and fuzzy and tired. These are all major components that helped add to my coupon lagging month and just my August in general, as far as the housework, budgeting, meal-planning and blogging were concerned. Now that I'm almost recovered I can breathe again, I can sleep again (if/when my one-year old lets me) and I'm excited to start blogging regularly again. September 12th was my one year anniversary of life with "Extreme Couponing." Can you believe I actually remember the exact date? Crazy. My first trip to Walgreens, my first major couponing and dealing was a year ago. And wow! - I can be the first to testify to the benefits of couponing! It's hard work, and you can get burnt out and totally obsessed with deal-finding, but it definitely pays off.

So - anyway, enough "catch-up" stuff. Here's my awesome deal from Meijer's today!

We're looking at 5 boxes of Rice Krispies, 4 boxes of 100-Calorie Packs, 1 gallon of milk & 1 box of Kool-Aid Jammers for the grand total of: da-da-da-DUM...1.82!!! Save 28.54!!!

Here's the breakdown:

5 boxes of Rice Krispies - 1.99 each (get 1 free gallon of milk wyb 5 Kelloggs cereals)

Used 4 -1.00/1 coupons & 1 - FREE item coupons from Vocalpoint.com -

1 gallon milk - FREE

1 Kool-Aid Jammer - 1.69 - Part of the buy 5, get 5$ off instantly at the checkout - .69!

4 boxes of Nabisco 100 calorie packs - Part of the buy 5, get 5$ off instantly at the checkout. Regular price 2.79 x 4 = 11.16, -$4 off at the register = 7.16, then I used 4 - 1.00/1 Meijer Mealbox Coupons = 3.16, then I used 2 - $2.00/2 100 Calorie Pack IP coupons. To actually MAKE .84! So the Calorie packs were free and the .84 was used to make the Kool-Aid free too. Sweet!

Now, I will tell you that I got the coupon link from Bargain Briana's website and she had it listed as $1.00/2, then it printed off $2.00/2! So - I was of course, ecstatic. I can use these towards a 20.00 rebate I have from Kraft Back to School/Fuel for School. That's going to be a big moneymaker when I get that figured out. I'm going to do the 100 calorie packs a few more times, once I get to a few more computers! Free snacks for the kiddos- can't beat it!

One other thing about this deal, after I had checked out - I was looking at the receipt and it looks as if my Free Item coupon (1.99 Rice Krispies) was applied twice. So, if it were to go "normally" I would have paid $3.81 for the whole deal and saved about 26 bucks - which is still AWESOME!

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  1. you're awesome amy! you amaze me and i love hearing about your coupon ventures!! Glad your surgury went well.