Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Meijer Matchups!

Not many matchups this week for Meijer shoppers and word on the street is that Kroger is having a dull week as well. Which, I, for one, am a teeny bit thankful for. I'm all for a fantastic deal and love, love, LOVE to bargain hunt and snag awesome stuff for a great price, but with our new month of all natural foods - I'm having to concentrate on a different type of menu, which means that most of the foods I have now - which I want to say, are not bad foods, they are just different - things you would fix with meat, etc...but they won't get eaten up for a month at least! I am glad however, that I will be able to bring a LOT of my stockpile on vacation at the end of July. Our whole family goes - (8 of us) and so I'll be able to contribute quite a chunk to the old grocery budget. yay!

With that being said, if I were at the beginning stages of stockpiling and actually had room on my shelves, I would be interested in a lot of the sales out there. Meijer is doing their Meijer brand sale this week, so there aren't a lot of manufacturing matchups, but great prices on good stockpiling items.

The only store I'm interested in this week is Kmart - to get some free stuff and stock up on diapers. I have to predetermine how much I'm willing to spend on diapers, because at this point, with the amount of coupons I've accumulated - the limit seems endless! Could I buy diapers for the next 6 months? Really?? Hmmm...

So - check out Bargain Briana's posts for matchups this week! Something may grab ya!

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Happy Hunting!

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