Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday

I am a big fan of the website Hot Coupon World. No doubt about it - it's the best coupon website/resource out there! And it doesn't cost anything to be a member like some other grocery/coupon websites. It's FREE. Love it.

Well, just this week I found a feature on Hot Coupon World that makes me love it even more! It's called the Meijer Mealbox Generator and is it AWESOME! I realize this is only a great feature for those of us who have Meijers and do the majority of our shopping there, but it solved a big problem that I was having with the Mealbox coupons.

When you print off coupons from the Meijer Mealbox site, you can only one of each kind on a page. So, if I wanted 4 coupons for Crystal Light (and I do!) I would have to use 4 different pieces of paper, or fiddle with printer and use 2, generally wasting the rest of the piece of paper. What this Mealbox Generator lets you do is type in the number of copies of each coupon you want and then prints them all on one page (or two depending on how many you want!), thus saving time and paper! I just used it for the first time and it totally worked for me! I love it!

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