Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Menu Plan Monday...on Tuesday...eek!

Oh, my...well, that was an unintentional hiatus. Summer just keeps us so busy! I love it. Got my first burn/tan this weekend swimming with the girls at a friend's house. I'm a happy girl when I'm tan!

My Monday Menu Plan (on Tuesday) - I can't link up to OrgJunkie's site, but I like to record it so I can check back and refer to it when I'm planning my day...

This week is all about using what we've got stocked up or frozen. I'd like to defrost the freezer sometime this 4-day weekend, because it's filled to the brim and defrosting it would make more room! And, it also needs some serious reorganizing. Hubs and I are also about to embark on a 21 day "fast" of sorts - where we will be eating only all natural foods and drinking only water. I'm excited to hit up some local farmer's market for fresh produce and to try some new recipes...(Anyone got any advice on tofu??)

We can't have meat, dairy, bread or anything with processed sugar, so this will be quite a stretch for us and I believe the farmer's market is the best way to be cost-efficient with buying only all natural foods. But - this week, we need to get some stuff eaten up so it doesn't go bad next month!

So - here's this week's menu:

Monday - Leftover Cheesy Chicken Vermicelli (I made it with penne noodles and it was great!)
Tuesday - Pork BBQ & Creamy Salsa Potatoes
Wednesday - (from the freezer) Asian Chicken Noodle Casserole (I sorta just made this one up)
Thursday - (from the freezer) Goulash & Garlic Bread
Friday - Hamburgers
Saturday - probably something with family
Sunday - Picnic at church (I'm taking a dessert - brownies w/homemade chocolate frosting)

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