Monday, June 22, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - 6/22 - 6/28

Well, last week's menu didn't go quite as I had planned. There were just too stinkin' many leftovers that needed to be cleaned up! And, I forgot that Father's Day was Sunday and we'd be probably be doing a cook-out at my folks' house.

So here's this week, with a few ideas taken from last week.

Monday - 7 Layer Casserole (from last week), with salad

Tuesday - Cheesy Chicken Vermicelli & salad

Wednesday - Breakfast for Dinner (didn't have last week - I think I might do Pancake Muffins again! Maybe putting bits of sausage in them!)

Thursday - Hot Dogs, French Fries & peas

Friday - Pizza

Saturday - Sloppy Turkey Joes, chips, carrots & fruit

Sunday - Barbecue Pork

Best part about this menu, was that the only thing I had to buy for it was the chicken! Whoop!

Last week we wound up replacing

Monday's 7 Layer Casserole with the Creamy Salsa Potatoes

Tuesday was LEFTOVERS

Wednesday was - Porcupines, made with ground turkey (because I had no buns for burgers!)

Thursday was Meatloaf, baked potatoes

Friday - Nachos & chili dogs

Saturday - pizza

Sunday - Cookout!

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