Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lunch Runs Rock - Part Troix

Took a quick trip to Kroger on my lunch break yesterday for a couple of freebies and a REALLY sweet sale on Dawn Essentials Dishsoap. This came at the right time, because I was down to my last bottle of dishsoap and had been keeping an eye out for a good deal to stock up again. This was a SWEET deal!
Sorry about the pic! No time to display, they are still in my car trunk!
The Dawn Essentials Dishsoap - a BIG bottle (32 oz?) is regularly priced at 3.47 - they were on sale last week at Kroger for 1.99 each and there were 1.50/1 coupons in the P&G inserts for June. Knowing that I wanted to stock up and knowing that Kroger had them on such a good sale, I ordered 10 coupons from Dede and also had 4 coupons myself from inserts that I had collected. So, yesterday I bought 14 bottles of this dishsoap and got them for .49 each! That's an AWESOME deal. And I'm guessing it's gonna be a couple years before I have to buy dishsoap again!
They also had a sweet deal on Suave deodorant. It was on sale 10/$10, so $1 apiece. I also ordered 10 - .50/1 coupons from Dede and because Kroger doubles, I got them all for free. Just had to pay .06 each for the tax.
I also had one more .50/1 McCormick's Grillmate seasoning, they were on sale 10/$10 as well - so I popped one of those in my cart for one last freebie!
All things tallied, my OOP was 8.83, savings of 62.39! 90 percent.
Whoop! Lovin' Kroger yesterday.

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