Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Recap 5/9

Here's a recap on my weekend. The first weekend of the $50.00 challenge. Oy vey! This is going to be tough! I'm at the half point already and there's huge sales at Meijers this week. Gonna be tough!

Thankfully - May deals at Wags looks pretty slim. I do enjoy it when Meijers and Wags alternate HOT deal weeks! Very nice for the budget. And it's easier to not get mixed up.

I cashed in almost all of the Register Rewards on items the above diapers. I was down to 3 packs and was feeling pretty low on the diaper stockpile. Diapers at Wags are BOGO this week, which is nice because I had 2 RRs - a $5 & a $2. That's two coupons, two items - no need for filler. I did this transaction twice - 2 packages of diapers, used a $5 RR & a $2RR and paid 2.53 each time. 5.06 for 4 packs of diapers. Pretty nice!

Here's my May recap - just 3 days into the challenge!Got a few groceries at Meijer this weekend - stuff to make a salad for Mother's Day- an apple that I wasn't planning on buying but had to because my daughter picked it up and bit into it - milk, crackers, more veggies, etc...All that combined with the frozen veggies my total is
30.94 - saved 47.14.
Yeah. Okay - so I have 19.36 left for the month of May. Better cash in some popcans!

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