Saturday, May 23, 2009

Weekend Recap #2

I did a quick Wags run this morning:

2 Jergens Healthy Glow mosturizer - I love this stuff! -7.99 each used 2 - 2.00 coupons
1 Right Guard Clinical deodorant - 5.99 - used $2 coupon
2 packets of Walgreens facial tissue - .29 cents each <--these are GREAT filler items because I wanted to use RR to lower my OOP.
Used 1 - 4.50 RR
Used 1 - 4.00 RR

Final total was 9.40, used the remaining balance on a Visa Gift Card I got for Mother's Day and my OOP was 3.43. Saved: 16.50

I was expecting to get a $5 RR for the Jergens, but didn't. I'm guessing I got the wrong kind -boo. But I did get a $5 RR for the Right Guard.

T2 - I took a gamble. HCW people were reporting that a $5 RR was popping out for the Right Guard Extreme Dry Orange Colored solid deodorant, priced at 2.99 and I had one more Right Guard coupon left, so I gave it a whirl. Didn't work. Bah.

1 Right Guard - 2.99 - used $1.00/1 coupon
1 Walgreens facial tissue - .29
Used $1 RR

OOP - 1.48, saved: 2.00

Then later to Meijer one more time...

We decided we were going to stay in tonight with some friends...meaning I didn't have a sitter and we weren't going to be able to see a movie, so I headed to the grocery store for some fun food. Hubs has been in a real deli type mood lately so I maximized my savings with some more coupons and came out pretty well.

The pop was the best deal. They were 2 - 24 cubes for 11.00, get a 12 pack of Coke for free. I used 2 of my 2.00 Pepsi coupons and got all three (60 cans of pop!) for 7.00

Coupons I used at Meijer:
2 - 2.00/1 Pepsi
2 - 1.00/1 Kraft 2% Cheese
1 - 1.00/1 Kraft Cheese WYB Oscar Meyer Deli Meat
1 - 1.00/2 Oscar Meyer Deli Selects
2 - 1.50/1/2 pound Sara Lee sliced deli meat (<-- this is a GOOD coupon. I bought 20 off ebay!)
2 - 2.00/1 V8 Frusion drinks
1 FREE Crystal Light cat
1 - 1.00/2 Claussen pickles

Paid: 42.90 OOP, saved 36.99, but I'll get 6.00 back from pop cans, so not bad for impromptu hangin' out shoppin'.

Spent today: 47.81, Saved: 55.49. Not stellar, but pretty good.
Spent for May budget: 178.06, saved: 328.73

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