Friday, May 29, 2009

Recipe Love Friday - Easy Chicken Pot Pie

Need a some good, easy, yummy comfort food? That's not expensive? Here's a recipe I made last night that was super easy and when I totaled up the cost for the ingredients I came in at just around $6! And I used all foods that I had in my stockpile, some from deals that I had gotten 6 months ago!

Easy Chicken Pot Pie

Put a whole chicken in the slow cooker until temperature reaches 180 degrees. Cover with water and I dumped 1/2 bottle of leftover marinade I had in the fridge for some flavor. I put it on high for the evening, for about 3 1/2 hours, then turned the crock pot off and let it simmer overnight.

While it's cooking, mix 2 cans Cream of Chicken soup (I just use Meijer brand!) and a bag of mixed frozen veggies in a bowl. I added onion salt & black pepper to the mixture for taste.

When the chicken is done, take out of slow cooker and mine was so tender after simmering overnight, the chicken just fell right off the bone!

I definitely recommend letting it simmer overnight. It was so easy to pull the chicken off! Pull chicken off the bone and add to the veggies and soup mixture, stir and mix well. Add extra seasoning if you wish.

Using Pillsbury pre-made pie crusts that I had frozen, I placed one shell in a 9" pie pan, and then spread in the bowl of chicken, veggie & soup mixture. Cover the top with the other shell, seal the edges and bake for 40 minutes at 450 degrees. After 30 minutes, I took the pot pie out, buttered the top crust and added some garlic powder and parmesan cheese to the top crust and then returned to the oven for the remaining 10 minutes. It smelled

All Hubs had to do when he and the girls got home was heat it up in the oven till warmed through and we've got a great rainy night comfort meal - piece of cake! The slow cooker and oven did all the work! My 1 year old ate a huge piece! Very kid friendly!

Pie Crusts will run about $1.00 a box if using coupons

Chicken was .89/lb - $4.00

Soups were .50/each - $1.00

Veggies were FREE from Meijer

So - 6 bucks for a great meal for four and lots of leftovers! Yummy!

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