Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Meijer Run

So I got basically everything I was going to stock up on this week at Meijer yesterday. I had ordered some of the SuperPretzel coupons last time Meijer ran the 1/2 price sale, because we LOVE these snacks! Love, love, love. And I'm just not up to paying 2.73/box for them, you know? So I figured, the sale cycle will come around again surely before the coupons expiration date of 7/31 and it did! It was this week...yay!

I bought a set of 10 off ebay of the SP coupon, but for some reason through other papers I acquired, I wound up with 16 of them! Gave 3 to my mom and cashed in at .61 cents a box for the other 13. I was geeked.

Meijer is also running a sale where if you buy 4 packages of the Kashi Go-Lean waffles, you'll get a 1.00 taken off immediately at the register - it takes them down to 2.04/box and with the 1.50 coupon link, it's down to .54 cents a box and these are yummy, healthy waffles! I used my 1.50/1 Vocal Point coupons this time around, but the link should work too, if you can find another computer to print it out 4 times!

I also bought two things of Keebler elf cookies - at 50% off and then had this .55/1 coupon for ANY Keebler cookie - made them less than 1.00 a bag.

Picked up my tomato and bread for last night's sammies and made a great savings!

Paid OOP: 15.29, saved 41.38. Almost tripled my money, ya'll.

May Grocery Budget: 193.35 OOP, SAVED: 370.11.
Yeah, May was not a good month for the 50dollar challenge...just too many good deals to resist! Maybe June??? Can't hurt to try!

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