Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I surrender!

I surrender! I wave the white flag to the awesome deals that are abounding in the month of May! I cannot hold out any longer! I give! I give!

In case you're wondering, my last trip to Meijer put me 2.00 over the 50.00 mark, which in turn, means that I did not make my May $50.00 challenge. Boo for not making my goal, but honestly - how the heck was I supposed to know that FANTABULOUS Kraft deals were going to come this month! And now, coupled with the Walgreens coupon and all the free stuff scenario I'm putting together?? Well, I'm just not that strong yet. There are too many fabulous deals out there that I need to get...I mean want to get my hands on.

I am currently at 51.74 OOP for the month. Savings of 130.24. See? All the fantastic deals? I've almost tripled my money.

I'm sad I didn't make my goal. It's totally doable. But looking at my stash of Wheat Thins and Crystal Light for all my upcoming summer picnics helps.

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