Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And we're back

Did everyone have a good weekend! We sure did. I don't remember the last time I've relaxed so much. At one point, it was actually stressing me out that I had time to do everything and everything got done! I'm not a good relaxer I guess...

I had some very specific things I wanted to get done this weekend. I wanted to continue our minimizing and spring/summer organization frenzy that was begun with our garage sale and get my closet and drawers under control. My side is done, as is our dresser, now we just need to figure out one more section of the closet, but I need Hubs' help with that and he was studying all weekend for a big test.

I also wanted to clean out my trunk, car and vacuum it very well. I am TERRIBLE about bringing stuff in from the car and my trunk? Completely full with stuff that had been there for at least a year. I decided, if I hadn't missed it in one year, then I was chucking the item or donating it. Now, my trunk is clean, but filled with a bag for Goodwill, which I'll drop off tonight, hopefully.

I also wanted to mop our floors real well <--this gets overlooked a lot. My goal is to be able to leave the house each morning knowing that the realtor can call me up, spur of the moment and be able to show the house without sending me into a panic. We've had one showing in the 2 weeks it's been on the market, and it was a positive review. This is the worst part of the whole process, I think. Anticipating that each showing might lead to a purchase and being sure that the place is spotless and ready to be shown! But, so far, so good!

We also went and got our veggie plants for planting our garden yesterday morning! We're excited about our garden. If we do sell the house, it'll be a little sad to leave the plants, but we can't plan that way, so here's what this week will see us planting:

Pie Pumpkins
Pole Beans
Watermelons (itty bitty ones!)

I'm mostly excited about the tomatos and cukes. They are my favorite. We think the girls will get a kick out of the pumpkins and watermelons, and the rest is mainly for cooking...see any spaghetti sauce ingredients up there!?

Well, off to find this week's deals and get caught up!

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