Tuesday, April 21, 2009


34 minutes. Meijer emailed me back within 34 MINUTES. Wow. Unheard of. And here's my proof! Names have been changed, just for the kick of it.

"Dear Coupon Psycho,
Thank you for your question. We realize there is a lot of confusion surrounding the Mealbox coupon right now. Meijer MealBox coupons can be stacked with Manufacturer coupons. Only one MealBox and one Manufacturer coupon per item. You cannot use two Meijer MealBox coupons on one item. You are unable to stack a Meijer Mealbox coupon with another Meijer coupon. Please feel free to print this in case the problems continue upon check out. Your question will hep us in expediting the process of getting everyone on the same page. Thanks again, Amy.

Meijer MealBox
Ultra Fast Responder Lady
Mealbox Coordinator"

I believe my standard response to grumpy cashiers is going to be.

"I can do that. Would you like to see my empowering email from corporate Meijer?"

Or something along those lines.

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