Friday, April 3, 2009


Swagbucks is a big hit with a lot of the blogs that I read. So, yeah - I'm on the Internet ALL DAY long at work, so I figured what the heck? And downloaded the toolbar. It's easy as a wink to do and instead of typing stuff into the Google or Yahoo search engine, I just type it into the Swagbucks one. I've never had a problem with finding what I'm looking for. Swagbucks is powered by Google and, so you get the same results - just typing it in a different location. I'm up to 30 Swagbucks so far, which I can spend at the Swag store. I think each time I build up to 45, I will get a $5.00 giftcard - which will come in handy for Christmas or birthday presents. They've got other stuff you can buy too, but the gift cards to Barnes&Nobles, Target, iTunes, Starbucks and cards appeal to me the most.

Why not? It's free and it's stuff I do anyway.If you want to try it - click here and sign up!

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