Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random Musings about Food...

Well - I won't have to worry about buying that tomato! Teehee - Menu plan is great, but immediately deviated from it as we were invited to my folks for dinner on Monday, rather than the Sunday invite I originally had crossed my fingers for.

And yesterday, I was so exhausted from being up with Annie...well, we won't talk about yesterday's meal. (Baaaad. Very, very baaaad.) Okay, okay - I had Hubs go to Burger King. The house was an absolute tornado of Easter presents, birthday presents, laundry, etc...I knew I had to clean last night before the girls' bedtime, because I always have to rock my baby to sleep for at least an hour - and by that time it's 9 oclock on Tuesday - which equals Biggest Loser. (Down with Brown!)

So - as a very expensive and non-cost efficient means to an end, we had fast-food last night. Which, after seeing the receipt - (17.59!) made me gasp because ack! That's at least 1/2 a week's worth of groceries! For sure at least 3 homemade meals. Fast food is a rip off! The price we pay for convenience is just astounding!

And then, my MIL asked us to take her Kazoo on Friday night to go to Sam's (do they take coupons???) and I'm bettin' a 100% there'll be dinner for us involved.

So, some adjustments for my Menu Plan. I'm almost on track with the Chore Part of the plan too - I expect to be mopping floors tomorrow.

Monday - Dinner at the folks
Tuesday - Burger King (!)
Wednesday - Breakfast for dinner
Thursday - Enchiladas
Friday - Kazoo
Saturday - Diner Night at HCS
Sunday - Spaghetti w/Garlic Bread

Bye bye Chicken Stir Fry, Tuna Melts and Panini's - we'll see you next week.

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