Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ordering coupons

Last week was a classic example of why coupon clipping websites are nice! My parents give me their coupons and a lady that my mother in law gets 2 papers and gives me all her coupons and I have access to all the Internet Printables, so my coupon collection is pretty well stacked. I never invest in a paper, but when I see a free item (like the Danimals) I like to get multiples of the coupon (in the Danimals case, ebay...) and then stock up on the freebie. Ebay is nice when you want specifc coupons in bulk.

Coupon clipping sites are nice when you want multiples of a lot of different coupons. This past week Meijer had Electrosol on sale for $3.00 - the power gel tabs, etc...In the paper there were 2.50 cents coupons for that item. We don't have use the dishwasher, but my mom always uses that brand on her washer, so she was very interested in that coupon. I have, in the past, used

The Coupon Clippers and have enjoyed their service. This time I used Coupons and Things by Dede. I really liked this service! For both, you have to have a minimum of a $3.00 order and Dede had my coupons there fast! Two days later.

So - mom paid .40 for each coupon, ordered 5 coupons and then used them to pay .50 at the store for each box of Electrosol. A normally 3.99 box for .90! Can't beat that eh? Not all the coupons are .40 - most of them are .10 or .15 or even .08. I ordered some CapriSun 1.00 coupons, some Ortega .75/2 (for the seasoning packets) and some McCormick's Grill Mate Seasonings .50/1 - because I knew these were going to be on sale at Kroger till Monday 4/27 - and Kroger doubles - so they would be free! I only ordered 5, though + the 1 that I had from the papers here. So - my Kroger trip on Monday went like this:

6 Grill Mate Seasonings $1 each- used 6 .50/1 coupons doubled

1 Angel Soft 4pack $1 used 1 .50/1 coupon doubled

1 tomato (not pictured) for dinner that night.

OOP: 39 cents! Whoop. If I hadn't bought the tomato, it would have been .06 for tax on the TP.

Savings of 19.29. I thought about getting a raincheck for more seasonings and then ordering more coupons (that's a GREAT strategy! Don't forget about the rainchecks!) but decided that six would suffice for this year's grilling season.

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