Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Success (at Wags)


Lovin' the free reusable totes everywhere! First Kroger, now Wags. I've got three so far. Yesterday I took off an hour early from work to go see if I could tear it up at Kmart and Wags because of the great deals. Well, boo on Kmart. No wonder they do double coupons up to $2.00! All the prices are jacked up about as high as you can get!! I had a lot of high dollar coupons, so I went to see what I could find and nothing. Even after doubling, I'd have to pay anywhere from $1-2 on most things. Um - no thanks,Kmart. I was really just looking for free stuff. Off to Wags...

First Trip: Sturgis

Got my free tote, then the 15% discount was applied before taxes and before coupons. That was very nice! The cashier was nice at first, but got a little irritated with me at the end. I think she was disgusted with my final total. Although it should have been lower! Might not go back there, but I like their selection - they sometimes have things I'm looking for that I can't find at Three Rivers. Although I'm very loyal to my TR Wags. They have the AWESOMEST cashiers!

Wags Tote - FREE
Bic Soleil Razors - clearanced to $1.59, discounted to $1.35 - I had 2 $2.00 coupons (promo link is dead or I'd link it!) Total I paid for all three razors - .05! Did ya get that? 5 CENTS-not apiece-for all three. Gotta love it.
1 Edge Shaving Cream - $2.99 - discounted to $2.54
1 Chapstick - new flavor I don't have yet! - $1.99 discounted to $1.69
2 Glade Fragrance Soy candles - $5.99 ea - discounted to $5.09 - Used 2 - $4.00 coupons(edited - promo is already over!)

1 box of Post Trail Mix Crunch cereal - on (unadvertised) sale for 2.50, discounted to $2.12 - used a 2.00/1 coupon - (I was looking for three of these boxes, because I was able to print 3 coupons on Monday - since then, LOTS of people must have printed this coupon off because the print limit on this link has been reached, or I'd link it up!)
2 Ambi Face Creams - $4.99 each discounted to $4.24 - 3.00 coupon here, there was also a $1 IVC coupon for this in the EasySaver Catalog - combined to be 4.00 off. Although, on further inspection (you know - this morning, after I bought 4 of them...I don't think I'm a candidate for this stuff. I think it's safe to assume these will be going in to the garage sale. Might make a little profit off of them! yikes...)

Final total was 8.68 - I tried to knock it down 4 more dollars with a $2 off 1 Glade soy candle IVC, but the cashier got all huffy with me and said that would be like paying me to take the candles, because it would be 6$ off and the candles only cost 5.09 and they didn't let them do that. I felt like saying, "Lady it wouldn't be the first time!" And furthermore, Walgreens is getting paid for the candles - by the manufacturer - they will get paid 4.08 each candle by the Glade Company when they send their coupons in. See coupons are the same as cash, it's just not my cash, it's the manufacturers. But, I just handed her a $6 RR, knocked my total down to $2.68, paid with my gift card (OOP for me? ZERO!) and left. But not before the register spit out $5 in RR. teehee!

OOP - ZERO, Saved - 42.81

Ah, then a trip to my beloved TR Wags before Kid's Club. Pretty much a repeat of the previous transaction - minus the chapstick (they are out!) + 4 cans of Pringles and (yay!) I found 2 more boxes of the cereal to use other 2 coupons with. + a gallon o' milk for the girlies.

4 cans Pringles - used $1/2 MQ from the newspaper
2 boxes Post Trail Mix Crunch - 2 $2.00 coupons
2 Ambi Face Cream - 2 - 3.00 coupons + 2.oo in IVC
1 Edge Shaving Cream - no coupons (but 15% discount!)
1 gallon milk - no coupon (but 15% discount!)
2 Glade Soy candles - 4.00 in IVCs and DOH! forgot to give her my coupons!
Used 2 $2RR's from chapstick & scrunchi deals last week
Free Tote

Final total was $12.18 and I was just shocked! Wha-a-at? Something was wrong there, but it was time for church and Grace was, uh...taking down all the Chuck E. Cheese gift cards from the gift card display - so I paid with my credit card and told myself I would figure it out later. You can ALWAYS take stuff back. I knew something wasn't right there, because I can't remember the last time I spent 12 dollars at Wags and I knew it had to have been something I was forgetting because I was distracted with the kiddos. Oh, and speaking of Grace - last night our favorite cashier was working and we walked in and Grace from halfway across the store calls out

"Hi Katie!"
"Hi Grace!" she says
"I like Katie, Mama - she's a nice girl."
"Yes, she is, sweetheart." ha ha ha ha - my child knows the Wags employees. Awesome.

So - I went back after the girls were in bed, because I was NOT going to spend 10 dollars on those candles, when I could have actually made $1.82 because of the discount- you know?

I went back and the manager asked why I was returning them and I said, "Cuz I forgot to use my coupons on them."

"Oh, are they manufacturing coupons?"
"Yes - printed from the Internet"
"Oh, well, here - just give me the coupons and I'll give you 8 bucks. Coupons are the same as cash."

FINALLY!!!!!! Someone in retail management who understands coupons! All my love to the TRWAGS.

So - that being said - OOP for second transaction 4.18 + $3RR, saved 35.92.

Bottom Line for Earth Day at Wags: OOP - 4.18, Saved 78.73, Earned $8 RR.
I think I might be getting good at this - regular price on ONE of those boxes of cereal is $4.70.

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