Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A bit much

All these were free today at Wags (with coupons)! The only thing I paid for was the first bodywash!

I'm all for stockpiling and love cashing in on a good deal. I think probably 10 of one item has been about my limit so far, at least during one trip. There is, I believe a certain coupon etiquette to be followed.

Well, this week at Wags there is a Softsoap Bodywash deal going on where if you buy one, you'll get a RR for another one free. Now, the girls over at Hot Coupon World were all about this deal because A) there is a $1.00 coupon out right now from the March All You magazine and B) they predicted that there would be a glitch in the computer system and that the RR would keep on rolling. As in buy your first one with the coupon, get an RR to buy your second one. Buy your second one for FREE (except for tax) and get another coupon for a third one. Buy the third for FREE (except for tax) and get another coupon. See what's happening there? It was like a buy one, get a bajillion free as long as you had the guts to stand there and roll the RR's.
See what else is happening there? They PREDICTED a GLITCH in the system. That's just crazy! How in tune with your coupons can you be? I guess that doesn't surprise me as much as some of the gals reporting in having gone to about 6 different Walgreens on Sunday, trying to get as many as they can before the glitch was fixed and getting 52 bottles of bodywash. Yup - that's right, there's a picture to prove it and everything. GOOD GRIEF. I personally think that's a bit excessive and although I'm getting bolder and savvier in the retail world, I'm definitely not THAT brave.
Well, by Monday afternoon the Softsoap Conglomerate had fixed the glitch, so I'll not be getting 10 anyway. Just 2, like Softsoap intended.

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